Crystals Cleansing and Charging Methods

Are you new to the world of crystals and their mystical powers? If so, you’re probably wondering how to get the most out of these amazing stones. The key is to understand the importance of cleaning and energizing your crystals.

In this guide, we’ll break down the simple steps to cleanse and charge your crystals, so you can unlock their full potential and start experiencing their amazing benefits.

Crystals Cleansing and Charging Methods

Introduction to Crystals

  • Crystals, fascinating creations of nature, are imbued with unique energies.
  • They are utilised in various spiritual and healing methods to promote balance and well-being.

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The Significance of Cleansing

Crystals are used in healing sessions for different purposes.  One purpose is to empower the healing energies utilising the crystals energies. Another purpose is to absorb the negative energies that are being released during a healing session.

Therefore, it is vital to cleanse the crystals after each healing session to clear the energies that have been absorbed.

If the crystals are newly purchased it’s important to cleanse them to remove accumulated energies, restoring the crystal’s natural vibrational frequency.

Methods of Cleansing

  • Water cleansing: submerging crystals in water and covering with a pure salt, preferably rock salt, to cleanse them of accumulated energies. Before placing crystals in water, first check that your crystal is suitable to be soaked in water.
  • Sunlight cleansing: Allowing crystals to bask in the gentle rays of the sun, purifying and revitalizing them.
  • Moonlight cleansing: Exposing crystals to the ethereal glow of the moon, infusing them with lunar energies.
  • Smoke cleansing: Passing crystals through the sacred smoke of sage or palo santo, purifying them on a spiritual level.
  • Earth cleansing: Burying crystals in the earth, allowing them to reconnect with the grounding energies of nature.
  • Sound cleansing: Using sound vibrations, such as singing bowls or bells, to clear and harmonize the energy of crystals.

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Methods of Charging

  • Sunlight charging: Placing crystals under the warmth of the sun to recharge and amplify their energies.
  • Moonlight charging: Harnessing the mystical energies of the moon to imbue crystals with renewed vitality.
  • Crystal clusters: Utilizing larger crystals, such as amethyst or quartz clusters, to charge smaller crystals in their vicinity.
  • Visualization: Setting intentions and visualizing pure, radiant energy flowing into the crystals, revitalizing them from within.
  • Reiki charging: Infusing crystals with Reiki energy, enhances their ability to promote balance and harmony.
  • Selenite charging: Placing crystals near selenite, a powerful cleansing stone, to absorb its purifying energy.

Frequency and Intuition

  • If using the crystals in healing sessions, they need to be cleansed after each healing.
  • The frequency of cleansing and charging depends on various factors, including usage and intuitive guidance. If the crystal appears to have ‘lost’ its lustre, its sparkle, then it is time to cleanse it.
  • Trusting one’s intuition is essential in determining the most suitable methods and frequency for each crystal.

Safety Precautions

  • Some crystals are sensitive to water and may dissolve or lose their lustre when submerged. All crystals that are porous cannot be soaked in water. Check if the crystal(s) are suitable for water cleansing.
  • Amethyst crystals will lose their colour if left in the sun for long periods.
  • Exercise caution when using smoke-cleansing methods to avoid inhaling excessive smoke.

Storing Crystals

  • Proper storage ensures that crystals maintain their energy and effectiveness.
  • Creating a sacred space for crystals enhances their vibrational resonance and connection with the user.
  • If you have many crystals a glass cabinet is a good way to store and show case your collection.
  • Crystals enhance the energies of a room and can be quite decorative stored on a window sill or central table.


In the journey of crystal healing, mastering the art of cleansing and charging is fundamental. By embracing these practices, beginners can unlock the full potential of their crystals, harnessing their innate energies to cultivate balance, harmony, and well-being in their lives. As you delve deeper into the enchanting world of crystals, may you find joy and enlightenment in their radiant beauty and profound healing powers.