Reiki Level II Workshop

Second Degree Reiki attunements intensifies the energies introduced at Reiki I and you’ll notice as soon as you start practicing. You will be initiated and receive the 3 powerful and Sacred Reiki symbols.

These symbols increase the power of the energy as well as allowing the practitioner to project the Reiki energy over distances, a powerful form of absent healing. The healing energy can be ‘sent’ to people, places and events.

Learn Distant or Absent healing for situation in the past, present and future.

This training includes:

  • receive the Reiki II attunement initiating you to the 3 sacred symbols
  •  receive and discover the many uses of the 3 sacred Reiki symbols – to empower, purify & balance
  • learn how to perform absent healings for others
  • discover distant healing for PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE times/issues
  • chakra balancing with crystals & Reiki
  • learn the magic of crystal Reiki grids for distant healing and empowering goals and events.
  • Reiki healing with crystals
  • Pendulums – working with a pendulum
  • learn about the healing power of crystals
  • Reiki II certification

Some of the many uses of 3 sacred symbols:

  • energetic space clearing
  • sealing a room in love and light
  • for increased power in a treatment
  • mental/emotional cleansing
  • distant Healing
  • empowering crystals & objects
  • plus many more

Prerequisite:  Reiki Level I – if you have done Level I with another Reiki Master you will need to bring a copy of your Reiki Level I certificate

Date:     TBA 2024

Time:    10am – 5.30pm

Venue:   Jayanti’s Healing Sanctuary, Burleigh Waters

Fee:        $620

Deposit: $150 is required to reserve your place

Fee includes full tuition, comprehensive manual, morning & afternoon refreshments and certificate.

Bookings are essential     – to book