Individual Healing Sessions

Jayanti is a gifted intuitive healer. Working with the soul as well as the physical body, mental and emotional states of a person Jayanti finds the path of healing required for your particular situation or issue.

Each session is styled to suit your individual needs, using both advanced and ancient transformational methods to release energy blocks ~ allowing you to heal and become whole again. 

Working with divine consciousness your higher self can then enter the healing process, transforming the lower mind.

By clearing the underlying causes, the basis of physical, emotional and relationship issues, your life will take off to new levels of growth.

Healing sessions are available face to face, via Skype and also by distant healing.


What others say about a healing with Jayanti

“My experiences with Jayanti have had a powerful and yet softening effect on my world. Her intuitive ability in knowing what needs drawing to the surface to be understood then gently released is a gift nurtured graciously in sincere and loving hands. With each session Jayanti embraces fully each moment with full acceptance, giving her time and attention to skilfully guiding me back to that special place inside where only love lives. Within this divine place I am strong, loving, whole and so much lighter. Leaning this joyful skill is like being given a personal road map; each time my world feels woeful, I check in with myself and find my way back to love. Jayanti has given me this very special gift and my gratitude is strong and lasting.”

Eileen Mansfield,  Mt Tamborine


Healing modalities that may be used:

  • Chakra Balancing
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Spiritual Development & Counseling
  • Rebirthing or Conscious Breathwork
  • Reiki
  • Quantum Dynamics


Rebirthing (Breathwork), is simple and powerful, yet a gentle healing process which transports the body and mind into a new aliveness and wholeness.

It involves being guided by a trained rebirther to apply a connected breath resulting in an increase in the level of physical and spiritual energy in your body.

This breathing process cleanses the tension stored in the body thus enabling you to surrender to your feelings and resolve the effects of the past.

Quantum Dynamics

QD allows us to release upsets in ten seconds or less. It makes you lighter in all ways and you can feel the difference now!

The power of the spoken word and the breath are used, working on the cellular level altering your chemistry and your past, present and future.

Pricing of individual consultations :

1 hr = $ 125 

1 hr sessions available:

  • Reiki
  • Private meditation lesson

1.5 – 2 hrs = $ 150

this session may include a combination of the following:

  • Spiritual, emotional & energy healing
  • Spiritual psychic readings
  • Spiritual development & counseling
  • Shamanic healing – Soul Retrieval
  • Chakra balancing & energy clearing
  • Rebirthing – breathwork session
  • Reiki


Tuesday – Saturdays  11 am to 6 pm
Monday by appointment

Location:    Appointments are available at Jayanti’s Healing Sanctuary, Burleigh Waters