Without meditation, where is peace?  Without peace, where is happiness?   the Bhagavad Gita


2021 Full Moon Meditations

                                           24 June                        Thursday

                                           23 July                          Friday

                                           23 August                    Monday

                                           20 September             Monday

                                           20 October                  Wednesday

                                           19 November              Friday

These are nights of sacred sounds and heart guided meditation during the influence of each month’s Full Moon.

A chance to dive deep in your heart, connecting with your Soul and pure Source energy.

To all Starseeds and Light workers join me for this high service

and add your light at the potent time of the FULL MOON!

We sit on the threshold of the greatest shift in consciousness in the history of humanity. Our meditation is to shine our Soul Light out around the globe to assist in humanity’s awakening and shifting into a place of Love and living from our Heart space.

We are living in cruicial times!  Your soul choose to be present at this time to add its magical energy, with many other Lightworkers, in the shifting to the Enlightened era.

These will be evenings for Soul Alignment and Planetary Healing. We will be connecting in with Source Light and anchoring the Light on Earth. Uplifting the consciousness of humanity. Its aimed at assisting the timeline of the new era.


Next Full Moon meditation :   Thursday 24 June

Time:   7 – 9 pm

Cost:  $20  – pay cash at the door

Where:  12-14 Executive Drive, Burleigh Heads

contact Jayanti for full address details – email or 0415 382 272

BOOKINGS are essential !

Full address details will be advised upon booking.

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Meditating in a Group

When we come together in circle we are able to realise a deeper level of stillness within through the combined energies of the circle and the Divine Beings who come to guide us.

Through heart centred meditation we raise the vibration for ourselves, our communities and our world!

Meditating within a sacred circle greatly amplifies the energies allowing you the opportunity to gain a deeper connection within yourself. Jayanti’s guided meditations are focused on your Soul connection and chakra alignment, enabling you to be more present and consciously aware in your life.

Neuroscientists refer to the tendency that humans pay more attention to negative experiences rather than create life affirming thoughts. Through regular meditation you have the potential of changing your focus to a higher frequency of positivity and enjoyment.

Individual Meditation Session
What to learn how to meditate or to go deeper in your existing practice?

Book in with Jayanti for an Individual Meditation session.

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