Embracing the Call of the Ancient

Our Earth Mother has a message for You..

It’s time to heal the inner feminine and the inner masculine

Inviting balance to your life

Through the ancient healing wisdom from the Peruvian shamans

Connecting to the energy of Pachamama

We come together to honour our own spirit nature

Remembering our heart’s path and finding our true home within the heart in this lifetime

If you have been doubting yourself or feeling unworthy of the grandness of your visions, allow your spiritual connection to awaken your courage and break the cycle, rewriting your story.

New beginnings await you

Ancestral healing helps you honour the past and create a new story.

It is in this present ‘now’ that the healing takes place.

Choose to free yourself from the chains of the past that are holding you back.

Join us at Kookaburra Lodge, on 1st September, where we bring you two sacred rites to enable the healing of your inner feminine and inner masculine, step beyond fear and practice peace.

We will use the beat of the drum to journey in the ways of the shamans to bring the medicine teachings to step deeper into our hearts.

We will finish our day by coming together around the fire to create a circle of love in purification and honouring of Mother Earth.

Morning & afternoon tea and lunch is provided.

Sunday   1st September                10am – 4pm

Venue: Kookaburra Lodge, 22 Monday Drive, Tallebudgeera

Cost     $155

Join Jayanti and Luciana for this day of power!

Join Jayanti and Luciana for this day of power!